When you engage Newpoint Advisors Corporation, you and your client receive clear deliverables for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. All aspects of our turnaround and refinance engagement are defined at origination, thereby minimizing the possibility of surprises.


Newpoint Advisors Corporation is a North American financial advisory firm dedicated to improving troubled and financially underperforming businesses with revenues of $5-50MM for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. Since 2013, Newpoint has recovered $1,013,000,000 in debt and saved 12,483 jobs.

Cash Flow Coach™

At Newpoint a Cash Flow Coach is a financial professional who collaborates with you on cash flow planning and advises you on the development of a customized financial model for your company. You can expect your coach to review options for your business and train you how to become self-sufficient with Newpoint’s unique planning tools including Cash Flow Launcher™.

Cash Flow Launcher is a user-friendly 13-week cash flow forecast model, battle-tested, approved by financial institutions, and supported by a Cash Flow Coach™.  Cash Flow can be hard to manage and overwhelming to ownership. For small businesses, unreliable cash flow can be damaging – creating tension and misconceptions.

Our solution is Cash Flow Launcher™ It is a low-cost, fixed fee, high ROI program that ensures your company is focusing on its lifeblood—generating cash from operations. It’s designed to provide clarity by focusing on your company-specific situation and sending a positive, powerful signal to your stakeholders that you are in control of your business.

Our Microsoft Excel-based tool relies on an industry-standard 13-week cash flow model and is designed for entrepreneurs and managers to save companies, jobs, and capital. It is effective for determining how today’s activities impact cash flow in the intermediate future by measuring the movement of working capital and by creating metrics that can drive decision-making.

Cash Flow Launcher is a powerful tool that: 

  • Features several useful tabs
    • Inputs and Instructions
    • Dashboard
    • Key Schedule
    • Weekly Variance Reporting
    • Sales and Collections
    • Purchases and Disbursements
    • Liquidity

Cash Flow Launcher includes easy-to-understand instructions and Excel-based workbooks and is supported through webinar instructions and live help with a trained Cash Flow Coach.

Cash Flow Launcher™ is a powerful solution when:

  • Your short-term cash flow is in question  
  •  You need near-term cash flow visibility
  • Management needs to be proactive and not reactive to cash flow needs
  • You can benefit from a common-language tool to increase critical communication among and between management and employees

Cash Flow Launcher will help you:

  • Forecast revenue
  • Tie revenue to collections
  • Forecast staffing and expense
  • Tie expenses to disbursements
  • Determine the timing difference between receipts and disbursements
  • Measure the liquidity gap from timing differences
  • Determine liquidity needed to cover gaps
  • Drive proactive planning, which will provide time to be proactive vs reactive

FeaturesCFL™ GrowthCFL™ Balance
Weekly Video ConferenceYesYes
Template Modifications And CustomizationsYesYes
Weekly Monitoring and Variance ReportsYesYes
Business AssessmentsYes

Cash flow management is complicated. You can gain control of it with Cash Flow Launcher and a Cash Flow Coach.            

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