When you engage Newpoint Advisors Corporation, you and your client receive clear deliverables for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. All aspects of our turnaround and refinance engagement are defined at origination, thereby minimizing the possibility of surprises.


Newpoint’s turnaround services are cost-effective and results-driven. Our dedication to small and lower-middle market businesses keeps us focused on companies whose revenues fall between $1-50MM and 50MM and/or whose credits are less than $10MM. Since 2013, Newpoint has recovered $805,000,000 in debt and saved 9,971 jobs.


Newpoint Advisors Corporation has launched a revolutionary way to provide financial advisory services to distressed businesses. With our new service: CashGuard.

At a core level, CashGuard is an insurance policy designed to lower the costs of utilizing Newpoint in difficult credit situations. It is a recurring monthly fee tailored to a portfolio’s needs that allows lenders and borrowers to have peace of mind that should a need arise, Newpoint can be on the scene quickly to navigate a multitude of issues.

Taking out the obstacle of deciding who pays for Newpoint’s Services, CashGuard gives lenders and their portfolios access to a wide arrange of tools and services, all on a quick turnaround time and from anywhere in the country.

We bring the same capabilities as a larger firm but at a lower cost. With 12 services included with CashGuard, Newpoint can cover many situations and issues. Each of the 12 services is specifically designed to recover capital while saving as many small to medium business jobs as possible.

The Three Key Features of CashGuard

  • For nearly 10 years, Newpoint has had a nationwide presence doing turnarounds virtually. No matter where the Client is located, Newpoint can be there.
  • CashGuard is designed to provide a quick response time for all of a lender’s portfolio needs. This cuts out the middle man and starts the recovery process as quickly as possible.
  • 12 services, all designed from Newpoint’s extensive financial advisor suite. Those services are detailed below.

CashGuard Services

  • Cash Flow Coach – Diagnosis
    • Newpoint’s Cash Flow Coach program to audit and/or validate and/or improve an existing cash flow model.
  • Cash Flow Coach – Newpoint Advisors Corporation
    • Newpoint Cash Flow Coach™ program using Newpoint Cash Flow Launcher™ software. Includes Contract Cost Reduction Analysis. This version is handled by Newpoint personally.
  • TAME
    • Viability Analysis. Use all Newpoint’s TAME™ model. This is good for prefunding or when additional capital request are made, or turnaround efforts are in question.
  • TAME – Select
    • Use only select sections of TAME™ to compliment field exams and determine the competence of processes. TAME™ is a complex business assessment tool that works in environments where data is scarce.
  • KPIs
    • Have professionals provide you a tested Newpoint KPI process and initial template driven off operating activities and providing benchmarks, goals, some financial ratios usable for internal and stakeholder discussions. Includes Contract Cost Reduction Analysis.
  • Liquidation Analysis
    • Using Newpoint’s Desktop liquidity approach, determine the leverage and liquidity available from asset classes such as A/R, Inv, Equip, R/E and Intangibles and step by step cost effective plans to liquidate the same assets.
  • Breakeven Analysis
    • Discover your operating leverage and ways to increase it or account for it with industry standard methodologies using Newpoint’s processes.
  • Budget – Diagnosis
    • Have professionals review an existing budget and provide advice on missing elements or ways to improve a budget to ensure a better business plan.
  • Budget – Newpoint Advisors Corporation
    • Have professionals provide you a tested Newpoint Budget-Driver™ template driven off operating ratios and providing financial ratios along with Income Statement and Balance Sheet usable for internal and stakeholder discussions. Includes Contract Cost Reduction Analysis.
  • Peer Analysis
    • Determine your financial health relative to companies in your NAICS code, size and region to determine where your team needs to do the most financial performance improvement work.
  • Valuation
    • Discounted Cash Flow Model to determine enterprise value, intangible values and value impairments.
  • Virtual CXO
    • A-la-Carte – discrete help desk where entrepreneurs can ask turnaround, restructuring, cash flow and general questions to help with timely operating issues. Get answers from seasoned veterans, subject matter experts and industry insiders.

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