When you engage Newpoint Advisors Corporation, you and your client receive clear deliverables for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. All aspects of our turnaround and refinance engagement are defined at origination, thereby minimizing the possibility of surprises.


Newpoint’s turnaround services are cost-effective and results-driven. Our dedication to small and lower-middle market businesses keeps us focused on companies whose revenues fall between $1-50MM and 50MM and/or whose credits are less than $10MM. Since 2013, Newpoint has recovered $805,000,000 in debt and saved 9,971 jobs.

Extreme Accounting

Extreme Accounting is an evaluation of the historical financial transactions and statements of a business to ensure that the company is accurately presenting the financials of the company.  If any modifications are necessary, Newpoint will guide the one-time or on-going corrections to ensure that companies financials are depicting an accurate account of the business. After the initial correction phase, Newpoint will provide supervision to confirm that the Company continues these policies and procedures on an on-going basis. 

Data in a distressed environment is often weak, and most of the times, useless managing in a distressed situation.  Turning this data into useful financials data that you can depend on, requires a distinctive approach to data collection, vetting, and presentation. We use our decades of professional experience and Newpoint’s tools to help isolate what information is essential to have first and determine when it is needed to develop the best possible outcome and communicate up-front what that data set will look like so stakeholders are not surprised and are able to make the necessary decisions for the organization’s best interest.

The Newpoint Difference

Many professionals can put together financials and more that can present them for various stakeholders.  However, being able to do both within one practice is unusual. What’s unique about Newpoint is the timely focus Newpoint applies to the situation when compared to all other organizations. In most Newpoint engagements, stakeholders are struggling with a lack of financial data and an aggressive timetable to get actionable data. Newpoint understands this issue and can manage data to provide answers to those aggressive timetables.  This focus can be the difference between saving a company and losing everything.

Extreme Accounting services:

  • Reviewing/ validating Daily/ Weekly G/L Entries
  • Modify Weekly CFL updates
  • Review/ Reconcile neglected Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Create Monthly Management reporting packages
  • Review Monthly results with Stakeholders
  • Controller
    • Manage On-site Bookkeeping staff
    • Create Monthly Closing Schedule
    • Review Monthly Financials
    • Create Monthly/ Annual Budgets
  • CFO
    • Manage the company’s finances
    • Financial planning
    • Management of financial risks
    •  Lender Communications
    • Annual Financial reporting

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