When you engage Newpoint Advisors Corporation, you and your client receive clear deliverables for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. All aspects of our turnaround and refinance engagement are defined at origination, thereby minimizing the possibility of surprises.


Newpoint’s turnaround services are cost-effective and results-driven. Our dedication to small and lower-middle market businesses keeps us focused on companies whose revenues fall between $1-50MM and 50MM and/or whose credits are less than $10MM. Since 2013, Newpoint has recovered $805,000,000 in debt and saved 9,971 jobs.


A businesses valuation is affected by factors such as the company’s industry, its stage of development, and the source of the invested capital. Further increasing the complexity of business valuation, is the variety of purposes for the administration of the valuation, such as the influence of local jurisdictional rules and available methods. 

Measuring Value

Valuations are both art and science.  The analytical science relies upon a variety of industry-accepted approaches and methodologies.  The more creative part is the skilled application of assumptions based on myriad business conditions, including the cost of capital, discounts, and premiums to norms. 

Applying these tools effectively, utilizing professional judgment, is an art. This insight occurs after many years of experience across the spectrum of company life cycles, industries, jurisdictions, and valuation purposes.  Mastery calls for a deep understanding of stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.

How We Can Help

Upon completion of business valuation, you will receive a customized report that provides an overview of the company and industry; activities that increase profitability; an analytical overview of the exhibits supporting our assessment. The valuation assessment is sound, and the report is valid, and if questioned, we will provide additional support to our clients, including expert witness testimony at trial.


Newpoint has extensive experience in performing valuations for various financial engagements, shareholder buyouts, debt-to-equity swaps, distressed mergers and acquisitions, and corporate litigation purposes. We engage in these activities as experts in an attempt to reach favorable resolutions.

The following services are provided by NAC relating to distressed assets and bankruptcy.

  • Advisory services to the management team, auditors, shareholders, and lenders of a company when the obstacle is asset values or a company’s solvency.
  •  Solvency and fairness services for debt or equity restructuring organizations or other transactions that require an autonomous view
  • Valuation services following ASC 852, Reorganizations and ASC 820, Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures
  • Valuation services for purposes of IRC §108(b), Debt Forgiveness, and/or IRC §382, Net Operating Loss Limitations and Built-in Gains
  • Valuation services for ASC 718, Stock Compensation

Why Newpoint?

We routinely assist clients with the valuation of businesses and business interests. Our experts provide feedback on problems related to valuation execution and are deeply engaged in implementing valuation best practice.

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