From the Vault: Ken Yager Featured in 2020 Journal of Corporate Renewal

In a comprehensive feature by the Journal of Corporate Renewal in March 2020, Ken Yager, President of Newpoint Advisors Corporation, detailed his extensive journey in the field of turnaround and restructuring, beginning from his early inspiration in his teens to a career on Wall Street and eventually founding his own firm. With over a decade as a TMA member, Yager highlighted his transition into the industry, underscored by personal setbacks, including a failed business venture, which served as a pivotal learning experience. This feature outlines Yager’s commitment to assisting small businesses, emphasizing his realization of the limited resources available to them in times of distress and his determination to fill this gap.

Newpoint Advisors Corporation, under Yager’s leadership, specializes in working with small businesses facing financial challenges, offering a cost-effective and structured approach to turnarounds. The firm’s focus is on companies with revenues between $5 million and $50 million, aiming to address the oversight in support for the sector that constitutes 50% of the nation’s jobs and taxes. Yager’s narrative is not only a testament to his resilience and adaptability but also underscores his innovative approach to restructuring, which has led to significant successes, including at the time saving over 6,300 jobs and returning $381 million to senior lenders. That number is now over 12,000 Jobs and over $1 Billion.

Yager’s journey also emphasizes the importance of community and mentorship within the industry, detailing his active involvement in the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) and the role it played in his professional development and the establishment of Newpoint Advisors Corporation. This story is a compelling account of overcoming personal and professional hurdles, the value of targeted support for small businesses, and the power of industry engagement and innovation. Click below to download.

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