Newpoint Featured in the ABFJournal

Newpoint Advisors Corporation, with a decade of experience in the turnaround space, has distinguished itself in the asset-based lending industry through its innovative “laboratory approach” to assisting distressed borrowers. Leveraging its Turnaround Action Matrix Evaluation (TAME) platform, the company employs technology-enabled solutions and a proprietary algorithm to analyze financial and operating data. This approach enables advisors to tackle issues in environments with inconsistent data, offering time-bound solutions that ensure specific returns on investment and can predict a company’s viability. Focused on serving the small business finance ecosystem, Newpoint Advisors has successfully addressed challenges such as financial complexity, predatory lending, and the scarcity of affordable solutions. Over its 10-year history, the corporation has facilitated the recovery of more than $1 Billion, contributing to a collective 2,700% return on investment for its clients, thereby enhancing the opportunities for both lenders and borrowers.

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