When you engage Newpoint Advisors Corporation, you and your client receive clear deliverables for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. All aspects of our turnaround and refinance engagement are defined at origination, thereby minimizing the possibility of surprises.


Newpoint Advisors Corporation is a North American financial advisory firm dedicated to improving troubled and financially underperforming businesses with revenues of $5-50MM for a fixed fee and on a fixed timeline. Since 2013, Newpoint has recovered $1,013,000,000 in debt and saved 12,483 jobs.

CXO Services

Data in a distressed environment is often weak and, most of the time, useless in managing a situation. Turning this data into useful operational and financial data that you can depend on requires distinctive data collection, vetting, presentation, and executive execution. Newpoint utilizes decades of professional experience and Newpoint’s tools to help isolate what information is essential to have first and determine when it is needed to develop the best possible outcome and communicate up-front what that data set will look like so stakeholders are not surprised and can make the necessary decisions for the organization’s best interest.

CXO skills are otherwise referred to as C-Suite or executive skills sets where the “C” stands for “Chief” which refers to someone having taken a leadership role in a certain skill in the past to a degree that they have accumulated knowledge. That knowledge can be enough to provide specific situational knowledge, like what to do in a turnaround that might either be strategic or perhaps valuable but counter-intuitive to a casual observer or someone with less experience. Further that knowledge may also be broad enough to apply to a wide number of situations and industries, providing interim knowledge to a special situation or a moment of deep distress that needs experience.

The Newpoint Difference – Progress Before Perfection

Many professionals can assemble financials and operating data (Accountants), and others can present them to various stakeholders (Investment Bankers).  However, being able to do both within one practice is unusual. What’s unique about Newpoint is the time-phase focus it applies to the situation that brings out actionable data components quickly that enable action before “perfect data” is available. In most Newpoint engagements, stakeholders struggle with a lack of information and an aggressive timetable to get actionable data. Newpoint understands this issue and manages data extraction or development to provide answers to those aggressive timetables.  This focus can be the difference between saving a company and losing everything.

When a Newpoint CXO is placed with a company, there are myriad actions that can take place. Each situation will dictate different actions. However, those actions fall into two sets of goals. The first goes along the lines of the CXO as an indispensable leader for a particular set of problems that company is likely to encounter once and then be done. It can be a distress level action or it can be no less important, but a special situation that with proper team work will come and go.  The second type of actions will be around starting a new process or rebuilding one. In these instances, the CXO is not only building a process and a bridge to a more solid future, but it is also training company personnel to take over the actions once a template for process, communication and data have been established. When Newpoint does this, the cost of a new or rebuilt process is contained to a certain cost and time table and the learning curve is flatter for the company – ultimately saving money while providing the best system for the companies size.

Often companies will want to hire someone less expensive than Newpoint to start a process. That person is qualified to do the set up, but is over qualified for the maintenance and that cost the company money and leads to employee turnover and failures. Companies will also try to laterally promote someone to a position or hire someone that does not know all the complexities of a company. This person will not be able to build the systems or maintain them sending the company back into chaos. Newpoint’s CXO system is the perfect balance of executive knowledge and set up that will allow a company to develop successful employees or part time support from third parties to allow for a balanced approach to cash flow and business processes.

CXO Services Capabilities:

Services vary by need. However, the focus is on, deploying the right operator with years of experience and C-Suite expertise priced appropriately for enterprises at risk, as either interim management, consulting for an assessment, or coaching through the 100-Day change exercise.

The most popular C-Suite Services include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer

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