What Is A Special Asset Group Officer?

What is a Special Asset Group Officer? A Special Asset Group Officer, or SAG Officer, works for financial institutions to manage troubled assets. Typically, a SAG officer will be assigned by a bank to a business that has a loan that is at risk of default. 

Perhaps you’ve just been assigned a Special Asset Group Officer by your bank. This likely means that your bank feels that your business loan is at risk and changes must be made to protect the institution’s investment. As a business owner, it can be nerve-wracking to meet with your bank’s SAG Officer for the first time, so in this blog post, we will dive deep into what their role is and what you should do to prepare. 

What Is A Special Asset Group Officer?

A Special Asset Group Officer is a financial professional specializing in managing distressed or troubled assets within a financial institution. Distressed assets refer to loans or investments that are at risk of default. 

When your business has a loan from a financial institution, it is in its best interest to ensure that it can repay that loan. If your business is experiencing a cash flow crisis you may need more time to make payments. If this happens to your troubled businesses, you will likely be assigned to work with your bank’s SAG Officer. 

What Does A Special Asset Group Officer Do?

Special Asset Group Officers play a pivotal role in maintaining the stability of financial institutions by effectively managing troubled assets. Their actions minimize potential losses and protect the institution’s financial health. To do this, they have several responsibilities including the following:

1. Risk Assessment: SAG Officers meticulously analyze distressed assets to assess the level of risk associated with them. This involves evaluating factors like the financial health of borrowers, collateral value, market trends, and economic conditions that could impact the likelihood of repayment.

2. Collaboration: Collaboration is crucial for SAG Officers. They work closely with the borrower and various internal teams, including legal, credit, and compliance, to ensure recovery strategies align with institutional policies and regulatory guidelines. Having clear communication between your business and your financial institution is key. 

3. Recovery Strategies: Once the risk is assessed, SAG Officers develop strategies to recover the maximum value from distressed assets. The Special Asset Group Officer will often require that you work with a Business Turnaround Consultant to get your business back on track. 

Recovery Strategies For Your Business

Newpoint Advisors Corporation is the only nationally based, consistent backstop for small and lower middle market companies in trouble. We’re passionate about collaborating with clients to solve problems at an affordable cost and in an empathetic manner. Using a structured approach, we deliver tools and recommendations that maximize profitability, pay back creditors, and save jobs. We regularly work with Special Asset Group Officers and some of our associates are former SAG Officers. We have several strategies that we can use to help save your failing business

Get A Cash Flow Coach™

Our team of financial professionals can be your Cash Flow Coach. They help businesses with revenues of $5-50MM with cash flow planning and develop a customized financial model for your company. Our services are always on a fixed timeline for a fixed fee so you know exactly what you are going to pay ahead of time. 

Your coach will help to train you to become self-sufficient using tools including Cash Flow Launcher™. This is a low-cost, fixed-fee program that ensures you focus on generating cash from operations. With your coach, you will focus on your specific cash flow problems and begin finding solutions. Utilizing a standard 13-week cash flow model we will help get your business into the position to save jobs and capital. 

TAME Your Finances in a Month

When a company comes to us through a Special Asset Group Officer, we typically start with our 20-Day Proactive Assessment™. We will work together to assess your business and we will give you a clear picture of your turnaround timeline and fee. With our fixed timeline and fixed-fee structure you’ll never be surprised. When hired, Newpoint Advisors Corporation has an average of 2700% Return on Investment Newpoint Advisors Corporation has an average of 2700% Return on Investment when hired. 

During the 20 days, we make quick moves that make a significant impact on your cash flow, helping you gain trust with your financial institution. Our 20-Day Proactive Assessment™ includes a 13-week rolling cash flow forecast model, operational analysis through our proprietary Turnaround Action Matrix Evaluation (TAME)™, development of a 100-day project plan, and more.

When you are referred to a Special Asset Group Officer, it can be a stressful time. Your next step is solving your cash flow problems and saving your business. Newpoint Advisors Corporation is here to help. We’re passionate about helping you maximize opportunities and solve your financial challenges, at an affordable cost and in an empathetic manner.

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