Top 8 Bankruptcy Litigation Services Every Business Must Know

8 bankruptcy Litigation services you must know

Navigating the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings requires expert guidance and support from every angle. Newpoint Advisors Corporation is a financial advisory firm and leader in bankruptcy litigation services for smaller companies. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse needs of small companies facing financial distress. 

Expert Financial Support

Our bankruptcy litigation services ensure thorough support for debtors, creditors, trustees, and other stakeholders. From Chapter 11, Subchapter V, and Chapter 7 bankruptcies to assignments for the benefit of creditors and receiverships, our seasoned professionals bring extensive experience and insight to each case.

What Is A Litigation Consultant?

A litigation consultant provides specialized accounting and finance expertise and support to attorneys, businesses, and individuals involved in legal disputes or litigation proceedings. With an extensive background in turnaround consulting and financial advisory, our bankruptcy litigation services offer valuable insights and assistance.

Our Bankruptcy Litigation Services:

Here’s an expanded overview of our bankruptcy litigation services at Newpoint Advisors Corporation. Our services benefit clients navigating challenging financial circumstances. Central to our ethos at Newpoint Advisors Corporation is helping our clients to maximize their outcomes. We couple our expertise with your passion to help solve complex financial challenges. For bankruptcy litigation consulting, our services cover the following areas:

Expert Reports 

We specialize in crafting expert financial reports that provide insights crucial for informed decision-making in bankruptcy proceedings. These court-tested reports serve as valuable tools for clearly understanding the business’s financial situation. 

Liquidation Analysis

Leveraging our expertise, we conduct meticulous liquidation analyses to assess assets and liabilities that help stakeholders define strategies based on multiple options. Our decade-long history of optimizing outcomes and maximizing recovery in distressed situations informs this analysis. This business litigation service enables our clients to clearly navigate the liquidation process.

Avoidable Transfer Analysis

Identifying and addressing potentially problematic transactions is key to safeguarding our clients’ interests and minimizing risks. We conduct thorough avoidable transfer analyses and offer guidance to mitigate potential challenges.

Claims Analysis 

This service covers evaluating and managing various types of claims against a company or its estate and facilitating fair and equitable resolutions for all parties involved. Through meticulous analysis and strategic negotiation support, we confidently help our clients navigate complex claim structures.

Tracing and recovering assets are essential to recovery efforts in bankruptcy proceedings. With the help of our expert team, our asset tracing service has grown over the past decade providing critical support to stakeholders. This enhances our client’s ability to recover assets and maximize creditors’ returns.

Due Diligence 

We assist buyers and sellers in navigating bankruptcy-related transactions. This includes acquisitions conducted within the context of bankruptcy, assignments for the benefit of creditors, or receiverships. Our comprehensive due diligence services provide clients with the insights to see options and assurance to navigate complex transactions successfully.

Chapter 11 Monthly Operating Reports 

Compliance and transparency are required in Chapter 11 proceedings. We deliver accurate and timely monthly operating reports, ensuring our clients’ compliance with reporting requirements and helping to maintain transparency throughout the process.

Chapter 11 Plan Projections and Feasibility 

One of our strongest services is crafting comprehensive plans for a viable path toward successful restructuring and rehabilitation. We leverage our expertise to develop Chapter 11 plan projections and feasibility assessments, empowering our clients with actionable insights and strategic recommendations.  This recent blog post covers more of our turnaround services.

Subchapter V 

We navigate the nuances of Subchapter V bankruptcy proceedings to achieve the most successful outcome. Created explicitly for smaller businesses, Subchapter V is a more streamlined version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We help to expedite reorganization efforts and emerge stronger from financial challenges based on dozens of cases completed as Trustees and as financial advisors.

Our bankruptcy litigation services at Newpoint Advisors offer our small business clients expertise and support in navigating the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings. Our steadfast commitment to independence, practicality, and solid financial solutions empowers our clients to overcome challenges, optimize outcomes, and chart a course toward financial recovery and success. For more information contact us today!

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